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Posting Your Own Website

Included with your Dialogue account is one Mb of web space which can be used to post your own personal site. Some Dialogue users choose to post their own personal or business site, some post pictures for eBay products they are selling.

Step 1: Create Your Website in a Web Design Application
Your first step in creating your own website is to design its look and feel using a web design application. A popular design application is Macromedia's Dreamweaver, although many popular word processors have the ability to generate web pages. Once you have the site created and saved to your hard disk, you are ready to post it to your Dialogue web directory using an FTP client.

Step 2: Download and Install an FTP Client
An FTP client is a program that is used to move files between your computer and our server. A popular FTP client that we recommend is WS FTP. You can download WS from our website at...
*Note: You will need a copy of Winzip to decompress this file.

Step 3: Transfer Your Website Files to Your Webspace
Once you have downloaded WS FTP, run the saved file to install it. Once it is installed, you are ready to post your site.

1. Connect to the internet
2. Run WS FTP
3. Fill in Hostname:
4. UserID: <your Dialogue username>
5. Password: <your Dialogue password>
6. Click connect.
7. Browse to the directory your pictures or html files are in the left hand window. Click the arrow button to transfer them to your website.

Step 4: View Your Website
Once you have a file transfered, you should be able to view it in your web browser by entering

Special note: the webserver is CASE sensitive which means you'll want to name all files in lowercase letters for consistancy.

If you name the top page (welcome page) of your website index.html, your site will be accessible by going to

If you come across any problems or have a question, please email us.


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