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The price of dialup access through Dialogue is $19.95 per month. The rate for one year is offered at the discounted price of $219.45.

How do I get billed?
Dialogue invoices can be payed by check or credit card. To make a payment using your credit card online, go to our payment site.

What is included with my dialup account?
Included with every Dialogue account is one email address and one Mb of personal web space.

Does Dialogue offer 56K Dialup?
Yes, Dialogue's modems are V.90 compatible for faster downloads. Users who have V.90 capable modems are able to reach enhanced speeds provided their phone line is in good quality.

Is Dialogue a local call?
Verizon's rate structure states calls from Clifton, Ashkum, Chebanse, Martinton, Danforth, Beaverville and L'erable are local calls, although a flat per call fee may be charged to your phone bill. Please consult Verizon about the rate for calling Clifton from your home or business.

Is Technical Support Available?
Yes, technical support is provided and can be reached through email or by calling us at (815)694-2587 between the hours of 12 PM - 7 PM weekdays.

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